Doaibu and polygon ecosystem


Doaibu is the next generation decentralized launchpad for tokens in which it is built for the polygon ecosystem. Mainly using polygon for connecting and building Blockchain network

Polygon ecosystem is a system based on a Blockchain technology which is poised to revolutionize the way the digital world handles information and go about businesses.

Polygon ecosystem

Polygon believes

A web 3 for all. A decentralized platform ethereum scaling platform where developers are able to build scalable user-friendly dApps with loe transaction fees with full capital security. Built on ethereum and Bitcoin.

Polygon ecosystem development

A technology of Blockchain based on the ecosystem to revolutionise the way digital world handles data and does business. A revolutionized start with decentralized application development on polygon.

Polygon makes Ethereum

ETH compatibility

Industry dominance, established tech stack, tools, languages, standards.


Dedicated Blockchain, scalable consensus algorithms, custom wasm execution environment.

Blockchain Ecosystem.

It is more or less taking over the space (ie. Digital world). It is a sophisticated technology, and there are many within the core system, DeFi (Decentralized finance) a concept based on a financial ecosystem living digitally on a shared infrastructure. Financial services such as borrowing, lending and trading exist, but they operate on a public network, meaning its accessible for everyone with an internet connection.

Cores services provided by Doaibu

Token swap: an innovation based for exchange and purchase, payment, billing in all products gotten on the platform. DOA token coin project are focused on the marketplace ecosystem coinmarket which can be used entirely on the world community without space or time limits

Launchpad: here ideas are been empowered by raising funds for the progress of the project and community. Here the platform provides best fundraising platform that are secured with capital security

Staking: promising news where holder get to stake DOA token and earn more

Farming: lending crypto asset and staking with generating high rewards in form of $DOA token

Features of Doaibu

Comprises of rewarding and advanced features

* Decentralized

* Fair and accessible

* Secured

* Community first

* Governance model

* Competitive platform fees

Basic believes of Doaibu

* Continuous development

* Transparency

* Inventiveness

* Profitability

* Community


Progression of Doaibu platform

Phase 1

* Project research

* initial planning

* Team building

* Tokenomic consultation

* Worked on DemoApp

For more detailed information follow and join our different communities

Official website:

Official group:https//

Official channel:https//


Https:// Official

White paper: paper.pdf

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